Meet The Team


Keshav Salunke

Director & Founder

Keshav Salunke is basically from Latur He started his journey from 1984. He worked in Bajaj company and after gathering a long term experience he started dealing with some real estate companies. Then he started his own company in 2008 named Sadguru Developer in Pune. He believes in loyalty and showing people the right way of investment. He is the follower of Jagatguru Swami Narendra Maharaj.His motto in life is making investor's profit.


Er. Omkar Keshav Salunke

Co-founder & M. Director

In the age of 24 he joined this company as co-founder and managing director.
He has done his engineering in civil and with a proper and best knowledge he joined his father in business improvement and expansion.
He is carrying a brilliant knowledge in real estate development.
He is going to start the residential projects with his excellent ideas.


Bablu Jaiswal

General Manager

Bablu Jaiswar started his journey as a real estate agent. After gathering more experience to expand his agency he came to pune and met Mr. Keshav Salunke. He was a best advisor to Mr. Salunke in expanding business. So he joined Mr. Salunke and achieved a great success which becomes very much beneficial for the company.